How Many Units of BOTOX® Do I Need?

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If you want a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that will work its magic on lines and wrinkles, look no further than BOTOX. This procedure can smooth out fine lines, creases, furrows, and any other facial lines that are marring your youthful skin.

Men and women seeking a facial reset with BOTOX often ask about cost. Since most BOTOX providers charge by the unit, the cost discussion inevitably turns to how many units of BOTOX are needed to treat specific areas. To help you estimate your needs, we’re listing common treatment areas and the amount of BOTOX needed to address those concerns.

How Much BOTOX Do You Need?

The number of BOTOX units you will need for each facial area depends on the size of the area and the intensity of the facial concern. Your plastic surgeon can give their recommendations on the correct units of BOTOX for each area.

Lines on the Forehead: 10 to 30 units

If you have horizontal lines on your forehead, BOTOX can easily improve or eliminate these wrinkles. BOTOX effectively fades everything from faint, “barely there” lines to deeply etched lines on the forehead. The units of BOTOX you need will depend on the size of your forehead and the intensity of the muscle contractions.

Between the Eyebrows: 10 to 40 units

The much-dreaded “11s” between your eyebrows, also called glabellar lines, can be improved by BOTOX treatments. These lines usually tend to be stubborn, so you may need a fair amount of BOTOX to smooth them out. Your treatment should last you up to about 4 months.

Crow’s Feet Around the Eyes: 2 to 5 units per side

If you have little creases and furrows in the outer corners of your eyes, you may appear worried or anxious when you are actually content! BOTOX can create a smoother appearance in the skin underneath and around your eyes and take away your anxious expression.

Kiss Lines Around the Lips: 2 to 4 units

If you have lines on your lips from smiling, frowning, kissing, and smoking, BOTOX can be used on some of these vertical lip creases. Be sure to choose a highly qualified and experienced injector, though, as injections by unskilled providers can result in not being able to pucker your lips or drink from a straw. If you are not a good candidate for BOTOX treatments for your lip lines, you can often get great results with dermal fillers.

Chin Dimpling: 2 to 8 units

Sometimes called “orange-peel skin,” chin dimpling occurs when the muscles in the chin are contracting too much, causing bumpy, dimpled skin. If you want to improve your chin dimples, BOTOX is considered one of the best treatment options because it relaxes the muscle that causes the dimpling.

An experienced, well-trained injector can ensure that your BOTOX procedure yields effective results and can handle any complications that may arise. If you are ready for a more youthful-looking face with BOTOX, request a consultation or call us at  (850) 219-2000 to schedule an appointment.

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